The Dubai Camera Company Diaries

SafeCity Security may be the leading security camera camera company and implementing security alternatives found in countries like UAE, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Qatar and Yemen for industrial, professional and oil & gas protection.

SafeCity Security is among the primary UAE protection companies, which offers security alternatives including CCTV and face recognition pass management devices. Being the leading secureness company in Dubai, the business is implementing solutions in countries like Bahrain, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Oman and Qatar. SafeCity Security has deployed personalized security solutions and their CCTV range of goods along with video management system with most secure video recording analytics for the price effective implementation of the task. Their CCTV cameras consist of 180 degrees 2MP cameras, 360 degrees 3.0 MP IP Panoramic Camera, 3G Vehicle PTZ Camera and 300 m IR Laser PTZ Camera.

SafeCity Security manufactures CCTV cameras integrated with video management alternatives. SafeCity VMS with their IPCCTV gets the capability of working with all known camera manufacturing makes and facilitates monitoring through the integration of good old and new camcorder with training video analytics and other supervision systems. In addition to this, SafeCity Security is highly affordable and will not entail any overhead demand for the management of VMS, which is scalable along with staying extremely easy to manage. SafeCity Security manufactures have also introduced cellular CCTV Infra Red Megapixel cams with a variety of 1Kms to 100kms.
SCSFZE has made deployment of the wi-fi CCTV very easy with their kit and in addition allows solar and wind electric power for remote control areas CCTV installations. With a solar wireless camcorder with a battery backup for 2-5 times, their CCTV has the capacity to function with 3G/4G as well as remote satellite links.

The VMS of SafeCity Security provides various video analytics including video search analytics, video indexing, fire and smoke detection through wireless smoke detectors, persons counting, detection, abandoned object recognition, auto zoom and tracking, vehicle counting, heat map, face recognition, license plate recognition, line crossing, loitering recognition, color search, object size search, multiple video walls, control room touch screen management and cellular alerts and monitoring. With the several video analytics on offer, the VMS is suited installation cctv dubai to use for wise homes and has determined its method into villa security UAE and villa secureness Oman.

SafeCity Security can be developing and delivering all sorts of access control solutions. They put into practice CCTV and integrated remedy system to be able to provide comprehensive protection. Their portfolio has many options integrated to match all budgets and is normally tailored to meet all requirements. Their cameras have integrated custom-made face recognition, iris recognition, voice and vein acknowledgement alternatives along with explosion proof access control alternative for oil and gas security. With these solutions, SafeCity Security is progressively top rated the UAE security companies.

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