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No email marketer wants to be accused of sending spam. If you hit a trap operated by an anti-spam organization (e.g. Abusix, Spamhaus, SpamCop) delivery of your emails to all ISPs and companies who consult that organization's database will be affected because they use that information to filter incoming emails.

If you don't have proper bounce-processing you will eventually hit Reactivated Address or Domain Spam Traps. Occasionally, someone filling out an online opt-in form will also make a typo and send an email to a spam trap. Recycled spam trap: These are previously active email addresses that have been untouched for many years.

One example is People are constantly signing up for things with addresses at But they don't actually have an address at To the domain owner, the mail is total spam and is indistinguishable from spammer created addresses. Some spam traps are email accounts that shut down 5, 10, or even 15 years ago.

Repurposed traps are email addresses that were once valid but are now owned by an antispam organization. Following good practices dealing with spam is essential to your success as an email marketer. I see typo traps unsuitable for one hit and you're listed” blacklists, but probably very useful in broader reputation systems.

Repeatedly sending to a Pristine Spamtrap causes the sender's IP reputation to drop and as a result, mail may be blocked. Typically, these are not traps that are pure spam and in fact can contain a lot of real mail. Never incorporate purchased lists or web scraping techniques to expand your mailing lists.

Recycled SPAM Traps (RST) — Recycled SPAM traps include email addresses that are abandoned by recipients or retired by email providers. Pristine spam traps can also contain addresses as a result of a typo (i.e. @ or @). There's also an indicator to tell you if you're sending emails to their Spam traps.

Some of these addresses that people make up will be Spam Traps. There are many factors that affect your email deliverability, but Spam traps are the biggest toxic element that could be holding you back - they're also sorely misunderstood by many. If you follow the email deliverability best practices we've shared in this article, more of your emails will reach the recipients, making your marketing campaigns more successful.

Provide subscribers with an easy way to update their personal information, so if in the event they abandon their circa 1999 email handle for a more chic 2013 address, they'll still be able to get mail. SPAM traps have a deadly impact on your reputation and therefore your ability to deliver email to the major ISPs.

Working through each and every email one by one, we assign every address a status before providing you with a detailed report on your list. If you have spam traps in your lists it means that there is something wrong with your overall process. To see just how quick and easy our service is you can test any single email address from your list on our site.

Your sending to the spam trap was just a symptom of the real problem. You can easily avoid invalid or fake email addresses that happen to be spam traps. They are basically used to expose illegitimate senders who add email addresses to spamcop spam traps their lists without permission.

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